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A - What is the name of the psychic friend of Sam's who betrays him at the end of series 2?
B - The grizzly hunter who looks after Sam and Dean
C - In 'A Very Supernatural Christmas', the boys come across a seemingly normal suburban couple who turn out to be Pagan Gods. Their names were Madge and Edward.... ..
D - What creature tries to kill Dean by keeping him in a dream of a perfect life?
E - Who owns the road house?
F - When Dean thinks he has been abducted by aliens, what creatures actually kidnapped him?
G - Two characters in Supernatural have the same surnames as characters from Ghostbusters. After giving up their original name, what do they call their ghost hunting team?
H - When the Winchesters visit a supposedly haunted movie set, what awful movie is being made?
I - What type of car does Dean call his baby?
J - What is the name of the feisty daughter of the roadhouse owner who longs to be a hunter?
K - What state are the Winchester boys originally from
L - When Castiel goes crazy with God power he releases which creatures into the world?
M - In the episode where Dean gets killed over and over and over again. What was the name of the place they had come to investigate? (Also the name of the episode)
N - What do hunters frequently call a place where several vampires are living?
O - When Dean is in limbo after the car accident, how does Sam communicate with him?
P - In the episode 'Frontierland' they need the ashes of what creature?
Q - When two LARPers die, Sam and Dean visit the fictional kingdom of Moondoor where they once again run into Charlie. What character is she playing?
R - What monster disguises itself as a clown so the children will let it in to the house where it eats the parents?
S - What creature once came for Sam as a child and comes back to suck the life essence out of children?
T - When a Reaper is trying to convince Dean to let go, it disguises itself as a pretty girl named...
U - This angel doesn't like Sam or Dean but is forbidden from killing them by Castiel
V - Gordon Walker is determined to kill Sam and thinks he has the perfect opportunity when he gets turned into a...
W - One of the first creatures we see the Winchesters battle is a fast, flesh eating creature that used to be human
X - In the opening credits to 'Clap if You Believe', what other tv series do they parody?
Y - What is the name of the episode where Dean gets 'ghost sickness' that will eventually scare him to death if they don't get rid of the ghost?
Z - The archangel that Dean hates who wants the apocalypse to happen

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