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PEOPLE - Which two famous actors had a public argument in Central Perk? (Things were oozing)
What did Janice name her baby that was born the same day as Emma? (First name only)
Which movie action star did Monica and Rachel fight over?
Which famous British Comedienne played Emily's Stepmother, Andrea Waltham?
Which X-Men actress played 'The dirty girl'?
What was the name of Joey's sister that Chandler couldn't remember?
Whose pizza do the three girls get by mistake before willing him to 'drop the towel'?
When Ross meets Isabella Rosellini, who had he 'bumped her off his list' for?
What was the name of the character Monica dumped because the relationship was 'icky'?
The actress who plays the nurse that helped deliver Carol's baby in season one appears again later in which recurring role?
PLACES - During the 10 series of friends, who never lived in Monica's apartment?
Where are Monica and Chandler moving to in Series 10?
Where does Phoebe say is the strangest place she's ever had sex?
Where does Chandler pretend he's moving to when he wants to escape from Janice?
Chandler falls asleep in a meeting and agrees to work, where?
Where do Ross and Rachel first 'you know'?
Where is 'Mama's Little Bakery?
To which Zoo does Marcel get sent to?
Which country does Pete bring back toiletries from which Monica says are going in her 'permanent collection'?
Where do Rachel and Joey first kiss?
MUSIC - Which U2 song does Ross dedicate to Rachel on the radio after they fight?
'And a crusty old man said I'll do what I can and the rest of the rats played_______?
On 'the mix tape' which song is Janice singing for Chandler?
Which song does Ross say he's going to play for Rachel at thanksgiving the year Chandler calls Monica fat?
'Little Tommy Tarzan, swinging on a ______ _____?
What is the first song Monica sings at Mike's Piano Karaoke bar?
What is the 'inappropriate song'?
Which musical does Monica audition for with 'fake Monica'?
Which band do Monica, Chandler and Ross party with after they argue with the others?
'I made a man with eyes of coal and a smile so bewitchin', how was I supposed to know that my Mom was ______ ____ ____ ______
CREATURES - Which rarely seen character sat on their pet cat?
What was Chandler bitten by at the zoo?
What is the name of the dog Phoebe hides in Monica and Chandlers apartment?
What type of cat does Rachel buy that Joey refuses to believe is a cat?
What 'babies' do Phoebe and Mike take care of?
What creature does Phoebe buy for Joey to try and make Rachel move out?
What causes Phoebe to drop the lottery tickets off the balcony?
Who did Phoebe believe was reincarnated in a cat ?
What kind of animal is 'Hugsy'?
What creature does Rachel say 'freaks her out'?
What is the name of the girl in college that Ross and Chandler make a pact not to date? (First and last name)
In 'The One that Could Have Been', which comic does Chandler sella story to?
Apart from Rachel, who does Ross imagine dressed as Princess Leia in the gold bikini?
Who does Ross get close with on a pool table after he breaks up with Carol?
When they flashback to Phoebe's 30th birthday, she achieves her goal of '1 mile on a ______ ____?
When Chandler loses his toe at Thanksgiving, Jack Gellar points out it was because his shoes were made of _________?
Joey has a dream about cuddling up and doing the crossword with who?
When Phoebe is pregnant, whose cardboard cut out does she fantasize over?
The fashion photographer with the porn star sister was supposed to move in with Chandler instead of Joey. He didn't because who scared him away?
In 'The one that could have been', Joey yells at Chandler because he finds what in his orange juice?
FOOD - What does 'The Stoned Guy, try to hide from Monica in his jacket?
What fruit would Joey not give to baby Emma because JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD'?
What does the creepy guy ask Monica to make for her interview?
Monica is fired in the one with 5 _______ and an _________
Rachel messes up Thanksgiving dessert because she accidentally makes half a trifle and half a _______ ____
What kind of food does Monica lose a blue fingernail in when she caters for her mother?
At the Thanksgiving where everyone is late, what food is Chandler in charge of?
How many of the friends eat the cheesecake off the floor?
What is a 'Joey Special'?
In 'The one with the Rumour' what does Will (Brad Pitt) say is his greatest enemy (as well as Rachel Green)?
WEDDINGS - What is the name of the band Monica gives up her perfect wedding dress for?
At Carol and Susan's wedding, Phoebe is possessed by the spirit of Mrs_____ _______?
One of the reasons Rachel left Barry at the altar was that she realised she was more turned on by what wedding gift?
When Rachel is Mindy's maid of honour, Chandler calls her Princess _______ ____
When Phoebe and Mike get married, one of the groomsmen is the family dog named.......?
At Monica and Chandler's wedding, Phoebe pretends to be pregnant. Which actor does she say is the father of her baby?
When the friends travel to London for Ross and Emily's wedding, which member of the royal family does Joey meet?
Who walks Ben down the aisle at Carol and Susan's wedding?
At Ross and Emily's wedding, what does Jack Gellar complain he can't eat because 'there's no place to sit'?
At Phoebe and Mike's wedding, what was the name of the steel drum player with the 'overwhelming scent'?
FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER - The friends have to pin Rachel down to get her to take what medicine?
Which of the friends do we see have a heart attack?
Which actor plays Ryan who catches Chicken Pox from Phoebe?
What do Joey's 'sympathy pains' turn out to be?
How does Joey hurt his arm?
When Monica bumps Ben's head, she and Rachel try to cover it up with the outfit from _____ ____ bear?
What is the name of the little girl whose leg gets broken when Ross knocks her down the stairs? (First name only)
Monica has to take Ross to the hospital when she feeds him a pie containing what fruit?
Which of Monica's boyfriends gets beaten up a lot trying to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion? (First and last name)
When Monica won't admit she's sick, she entices Chandler to the bedroom using what?
CHEATING - What are the names of the two guys Phoebe dates at once?
Wwhat is the name of the 'girl from the copy place' that Ross cheats on Rachel with?
Who does Phoebe kiss when she is still seeing Mike?
What is the name of Joey's girlfriend that Chandler kisses?
Janice cheats on Chandler with her ex husband. In his profession he is known as the _______ _____
When Phoebe and Mike get back together in Barbados, Mike still has a girlfriend. What is her name?
Mindy tells Rachel that she thinks Barry is cheating on her because he came home smelling like ______
In 'The one that could have been' Rachel finds Barry in bed with the neighbour's _____ _______
When Rachel wants to get back together with Ross, she convinces his girlfriend to shave her head. What was her name?
Ross justifies his infidelity to Rachel with what 5 words?
And Finally...The quiz game - What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?
Where did Monica get a pencil stuck aged 14?
What name is on the label of the guys' TV guide
How many categories of towels does Monica have?
What is Joey's favourite food?
What was Joey's childhood imaginary friend called?
....And his profession was?
How old was Chandler when he first touched a girl's breasts?
Which phenomenon scares the bejezus out of Chandler?
What is Chandler's job? (Rachel's answer)

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