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The Red Sox need them more than anything!
Where the Red Sox play
similar to chickens and roosters
Nordic name
shake it when meeting someone
to be difficult
Red Sox' #51
in a jail
a type of fish or a musical instrument
if you hire a worker, you're his ____
Red Sox' #7
romantic plant
it's in the garden
for a picture, for example
(abbr.) indicating likelihood
The Red Sox' sport is the only of the major U.S. four that doesn't have them
the general population; a Catholic service
it grows on one side of tress
Cows make them
In the night sky
Who caused the Red Sox to lose the 2003 ALCS, minus an 'E'
If it's 4:45, 5:00 is this
someone who's a bit off his head
you have to pay it back sooner or later
done in pain, exasperation, or boredom
Utah city
The New Oxford Annotated Bible
rude slur against newcomers to a website
a cozy corner
something to read IN the cozy corner
What the Red Sox get in the Bronx
People named 'Robert' are ____
People up to no good might be called
Find them in Britain and Ireland
Before winning in 2004, the Red Sox were pitied as much as the ___
Elsewhere, hoagies or heroes
Something Red Sox fans suffered from in 1967, '75, '86, '03, and September 2011
Corn can be found on
Cheesy Manilow song: ____cabana
Red Sox outfielder from 2005 to 2008
Of an apple
Synonym: ripped
A civil wrong
'Don't mean to ____ my own horn'
Red Sox RF from 1996 to 2006 (first name)
Ancient city
To walk over
To poke at
forward part of a ship's bow
shrimp synonym, minus an 'n'
What Red Sox fans do when down 10-0

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