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Can you name the words containing 'quit'?

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DefinitionQuit Word
To free from an accusation
Ancient times
Unbiased or impartial, fair
The value of a property minus the owner's mortgage balance
Wickedness, gross injustice
A deciduous tree native to North American desert regions
Gnat of the genus Culex
Deviation from normal rules; deviation from a right line or angle; an obscure or confusing statement
Nearness in time or space
DefinitionQuit Word
To give up
A common type of grass, also known as 'quick grass'
Completely; to a great degree
Ecuadorian capital
A rent paid by a freeman in lieu of the services required by feudal custom
To repay or recompense
Latin for 'it follows', usually preceded by 'non'
Not returned in kind

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