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QUIZ: Can you name the television comedies named after their stars?

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The main character brewed 'Buzz Beer' in his garage (ABC '95-'04)
Nobody's money was safe from Sgt. Bilko in this show originally titled 'You'll Never Get Rich' (CBS '55-'59)
Featured such notable actors as George Clooney, Ned Beatty, and future presidential candidate Fred Thompson (ABC '88-'97)
The main character, played by an Original King of Comedy, frequently broke the fourth wall (Fox '01-'06)
Much of the show was set at WJM-TV (CBS '70-'77)
Starred an ex-SNL player as an ex-NHL player (ABC '99 -'01)
The star appeared as several characters, including Sheneneh, Mama Payne, and Dragonfly Jones (Fox '92 to '97)
Along with 'Sara' and 'Commander in Chief', the star had three series last one season or less (ABC '00-'01)
Featured Ron Howard as Opie (CBS '60-'68)
Each episode began with the main character turning on a light bulb to address the viewers (Fox '00-'02)
Although the star was of Lebanese descent, the theme music was 'Danny Boy' (ABC/CBS '53-'64)
This show featuring a member of the Rat Pack spun-off from the show above (NBC/CBS '61-'65)
The real show centered around the fictional 'The Alan Brady Show' (CBS '61-'66)
Starring a future Oscar winner, this show followed an aspiring musician working in his family's hotel (WB '96-'01)
The lead character, an obstetrician, gained a fifth child between the pilot and the first regular episode (NBC '84-'92)
Everybody loved him...(CBS '96-'05)
...but hated him (voice only, UPN/CW '05-'09)
Known more for being John's sister, the lead actress has had her own successes. This show wasn't one of them. (ABC '01)
The lead actor currently plays a caricature of himself on another NBC sitcom (NBC '03 -'04)
Carlito's Way, Boogie Nights, and Magnolia all lasted longer than this show, starring a well-known Puerto Rican character actor (Fox '03)
The second sitcom for a current talk-show host and one-time talent show judge(CBS '01-'02)
To date, the star has had three other self-titled comedies (CBS '72-'78)
In the star's second series, she still often had some 'splaining to do (CBS '62-'68)
Featured a Blue Collar Comedian as a family counselor (TBS '07-'09)
Originally a radio show, this series starred a real-life husband and wife comedy team ( CBS '50-'58)
Starred an Original King of Comedy and correspondent for The Jay Leno Show (ABC/UPN '98-'02)
The creator of this show now has her own self-titled Saturday night talk show (Fox '03)
Hard to come up with a clue for a show about nothing (NBC '89-'98)
Sandra Bullock was a producer of this show, as was its Mexican-American star (ABC '02-'07)
You know you're a redneck if you watched this show (ABC/NBC '95-'97)

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