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Can you name the words which contain the name of an animal?

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DefinitionWordType of Animal
Easily dupedCoastal or shore bird
A thousand thousandLarge feline
LuckyFast-moving oceanic fish
Game controllerBlood-sucking arachnid
Self-titledSmall horse
Type of pavementVenomous snake
Moral or religious doctrineDomestic mammal
Young woman making her formal entrance to societySocial insect
Device for absorbing excess inkSemi-aquatic mammal
CowardlyLarge, black bird (not chicken!)
Type of ovenSmaller relative of the bird above
Highest ranking diplomatPopular game fish
Angry lookFarm animal
Toy flying diskFlying insect, often social
DefinitionWordType of Animal
Gasping or pantingSmall species of auk
Children's drawing instrumentShark relative
Power-boosting engine deviceSmall freshwater fish
Exploring or investigatingSmall bird, usually orange or red-breasted
Capable of increasing in capacity or sizeType of bear
Confection made by melting sugarMale sheep
Hesitate or put off, object toLarge flightless bird
Traditional Native American axeBird of prey
Traditional living quarters for women in a Muslim householdRabbit relative
Elegant, ritzyLarge aquatic bird
Seize for military useHerbivorous, often horned mammal
The right side of a boatWild pig species, or a male domestic pig
Measure of mass for gemsMedium sized rodent
A dark-colored hardwoodDomestic swine

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