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Forced Order
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Leader of the rebellion against Britannia. Alias, Zero.
Wolf demon on a journey to collect shards of the sacred jewel.
Orange-haired, sword wielding protagonist.
Chiropteran Queen. Protagonist
Prepare for trouble! Make it double!
Wielder of an ancient-egyptian puzzle.
Bounty hunter with a cybernetic arm.
Protagonist with the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him.
A 17-year old detective prodigy, who has been reverted to a child.
An alchemist prodigy. His brother's soul lives in a suit of armor.
The world's greatest thief!
Teenage girl forced to collect magical cards she released from an ancient book.
Prince of Jurai who wields a lightsaber like blade.
Wielder of the Death Note. Protagonist

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