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What is Ethan's last name?
Where does Ethan live?
What's Ethan's best friend's name?
What is Link's real name?
What is Ethan's girlfriend's name?
What was Lena's nickname when she was little?
What is the name of the plantation in which Lena lives?
What's the name of Lena's dog?
Whats the name of Link's band?
Where is Cineplex located?
What does Lena smell like?
What is Ethan's housekeeper/caregiver's name?
What Link's car's name?
What is Savannah's last name?
Who is Savannah's best friend?
What sport did Ethan play?
What is Lena's cousin's name?
What is Lena's mother's name?
Instead of witch, what is Lena called?
Instead of good and bad casters there are...
What type of Caster is Ridley?
What type of Caster is Lena?

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