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Can you name the Kill Bill characters based on the clues below?

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ClueCharacter Name
Likes to play with Samurai swords and is known as Arlene to some
Leads the Yakuza and wears socks with her sandals
Digs Johnny Cash records and shouldn’t wear a hat to work
Has never been nice in his whole life and is a fool for blondes
Likes the word “gargantuan” and lost each eye to a different badass
Lives the housewife life as Jeanie Bell, but thinks she should have been Black Mamba
Hates Caucasians, despises Americans and has nothing but contempt for women
ClueCharacter Name
Makes great swords but bad sushi
Dresses like a villain on Star Trek, speaks French and now holds her phone with her right hand
Thinks Ferraris are Italian trash and may have been on Sailor Moon
Would just have cut Bea’s face
Wants to watch Shogun Assassin
Played with Rufus Thomas
Owns a record store in El Paso

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