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Who wrote Charge of the Light Brigade?
What was Tennyson's title at the time?
When did this battle happen?
About which war was this poem written?
Where was the Light Brigade from?
Who were they charging?
What weapons did the light brigade have?
What weapons did the opposition have?
How many soldiers were in the light brigade?
Who won the battle?
The battle took place where?
Did the soldiers know they were riding into certain death?
What writing technique was used throughout the poem for emphisis?
How far is a league?
What ends up happening to most of the light brigade?
Who ordered the charge forward?
True of false: The soldiers could decide if they wanted to charge.
The brigade was surrounded by what as they charged?
Did the light brigade ever reach the fron lines?
What did Tennyson nickname the valley in which the battle took place?

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