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Can you name the Sith Lords?

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HintSith LordSith Order
Head of the SeperatistsRule of Two
Powerful Half BreedAncient Sith
Creator of the Rule of TwoRule of Two
Self-Proclaimed King of OnderonAncient Sith
More Machine than Man, Twisted, and EvilRule of Two
Created an Army of Techno-BeastsNew Sith Empire
Lord of BetrayalSith Triumvirate
Lord of PainSith Triumvirate
Lord of Hunger Sith Triumvirate
Killed by the Sword of the JediLumiya's Sith
Began Great Hyperspace WarAncient Sith
Great Rival of the Previous AnswerAncient Sith
Could Create Life from NothingRule of Two
Founder of the Brotherhood of DarknessBrotherhood of Darkness
HintSith LordSith Order
First Apprentice of the EmperorRule of Two
Political ManipulatorRule of Two
Began the Jedi Civil WarJedi Civil War
First of the Lost TwentyNew Sith Empire
Thought he Could Destroy all his Enemies in a Single Glorious VictoryJedi Civil War
Dark Lady of the SithLumiya's Sith
Mysterious Sith Lord 1300+ Years OldResurgent Sith Empire
First Dark Lord of the SithAncient Sith
Lightsaber MasterAncient Sith
Annointed the Sith Lord by RagnosBrotherhood of the Sith
Immortal God-King of PrakithMalevolence Cult
Founder of the One SithOne Sith
Krath WarlordBrotherhood of the Sith

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