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Sith Apprentice
Planet where Revan was captured by the Resurgent Sith Empire
Powerful Space Station Revan intended to use as his means for galactic domination
Who used Revan's teachings to create the Rule of Two
Informal apprentice better known as the Jedi Exile
Name of the cult that believed in Revan's teachings
Location of Revan's 300 year imprisonment
Dark Lord of the Sith who imprisoned Revan for 300 years
Temporary Sith Trainer on Korriban
Dark Lord who imprisoned Revan for 4 years and eventually allied himself with Revan
Revan engaged in single combat with _______ to end the Mandalorian Wars
First Jedi to train Revan
Planet where Revan found the first Star Map
Planet where Revan encountered the Rakata
To whom did Revan give the duty of keeping the Republic strong
Who assisted Revan in retrieving Mandalore the Ultimate's mask
Who was Revan's descendant that became Grand Master of the Jedi Order
Cathar Jedi Revan redeemed on Dantooine
Droid that sacrificed itself to save Revan
Sith who shot down Revan, captured him and was later defeated by the reborn Revan
Assassin droid created by Revan
Wookie companion

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