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Forced Order
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Two adjudications for one offense
Betting on two winners in horse racing
Two baseball games played in one day
Photographic mistake
Poor tennis serves
6-4-3 in baseball
Two handoffs to players going in the opposite direction in football
A traveling violation in basketball
US Civil War general sometimes credited with inventing baseball
The betrayal of an associate
Type of shotgun
A spy secretly acting for two governments
The code of morals that applies differently to different people
A garment having one half of the front lapped over the other
Having an exceptional degree of flexibility in a digit
Something that has or can have both a favorable and unfavorable consequence
A now non-standard syntactic construction containing two negatives but having a negative meaning
A provision in a life-insurance or accident policy whereby the company agrees to pay twice the face of the contract in case of accidental death
The structural arrangement of DNA
Ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation
A person who collects both a government pension and a government salary
The jumping of two jump ropes rotating in opposite directions simultaneously
Elvis Presley's 1967 album from the film of the same name
A movie program with two main films

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