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Based on WAR, can you name the all-time best MLB players born in the states of Nebraska and Kansas? (See notes.)

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Pos. (State)PlayerBrief-Bio
C (KS)(WAR 22.95) Played all but his last season for PHI before being traded to FLA to help them win the 1997 World Series. 'Dutch' had 134 HR's, was a 3x All Star, and led the NL in RBI in 1992.
1B (NE)(WAR 22.81) Started with STL, and helped them to the World Championship in '42 and '44. He then moved onto the Braves, making his only All Star team in 1945. He was a pinch-hitter for the NYY World Champs in '50 and '51.
2B (KS)(WAR 32.38) Member of the 1925 PIT World Champions, he played games at 2B and 1B for PIT, CHC, and CIN. He had 1,504 hits, and 132 steals. Sorry can't give a hint as his name is unique.
SS (KS)(WAR 53.09) Most known as part of the famous double-play combination in the Franklin Pierce Adams poem. A suspect Hall-of-Famer who had only 1,690 hits. It was his defense (5th in Defensive WAR) that got him to Cooperstown.
3B (NE)(WAR 91.47) Hall-of-Famer who was an All Star every year from 1985-1996. Starred for BOS from '85-'92, then moved on to NYY. He helped the Yankees win the '96 World Series, and rode around Yankee Stadium on a horse as he celebrated.
OF (NE)(WAR 75.25) The Hall-of-Fame outfielder played his most impactful seasons with the Tigers from 1903-'17. He has the most Triples of all time with 309. Has the same last name as the speedy TB Ray outfielder from 2002-'10.
OF (NE)(WAR 63.87) The CF for the Phillies from 1948-'59 who made the Hall-of-Fame in 1995. He was a 2x NL-Batting Champion ('55, '58), and made 5 All Star teams.
OF (KS)(WAR 56.36) This outfielder came up with his hometown Royals, hitting .292 with 156 steals with KC. He moved on to BOS where he helped them 'break the curse' in 2004 as a long-haired, bearded centerfielder. Had a weak throwing arm, but over 2,700 hits.
DH (KS)(WAR 12.40) Replaced Cecil Fielder as DET's 1B/DH in 1995. He was a power hitter who had 251 homers. He's the current director of the MLBPA.
SP (KS)(WAR 164.29) 'The Big Train' is 2nd all time in Wins and WAR by a pitcher. The Hall-of-Famer won 417 games with a 2.17 ERA. He won the 1913 and '24 MVP awards, winning 59. He led the AL in K's in 12 seasons.
SP (NE)(WAR 118.87) Nicknamed for a 19th century president, this Hall-of-Famer is 3rd in all time wins (373). He's second (to the pitcher above) in Shutouts-pitched. Pitched 20 combined seasons for PHI, STL, and CHC.
SP (NE)(WAR 89.14) This Hall-of-Famer pitched his whole career for STL from 1959-'75. He was a 2x Cy Young winner who also won the 1968 MVP when he went 22-9 with a 1.12 ERA. It was the lowest season ERA since the 'dead ball' 1906 season.
SP (KS)(WAR 44.26) He pitched his whole career for the Indians from 1928-'47. Only Bob Feller has more wins in CLE history. He was an All Star every year from 1934-'37. Sadly, he was one season off, as the Indians won the World Series the year after he retired.
SP (KS)(WAR 30.92) Pitched for PIT and CHC from 1911-'20. He went 99-91 with a 2.79 ERA. He won 45 games in 2 seasons in the Federal League. But he has the same name as the man who played the Star-Spangled Banner on his guitar at Woodstock.
RP (NE)(WAR 23.57) A spot-starter who also was used as a pinch-hitter in the late-teens and 1920's. He won 125 games in his 18 year career. Has the same last name as the woman who sang 'Big Yellow Taxi' in 1970.
RP (NE)(WAR 12.14) Reliever for the Expos in the mid-80's to early 90's. He has the most games pitched for the Expos/Nationals franchise (425). Has the same last name as the 7th winner of 'Dancing with the Stars.'
RP (KS)(WAR 20.60) Lefty who pitched from 1969-'74 for CAL before moving on to NYY. He would win the ERA title in 1980 for the Yankees. Transitioned to a reliever after '80, and had the same last name as a spring month.
RP (KS)(WAR 12.89) A set-up man for the A's who became the closer for ARI in 2015, saving 48 games for the D'Backs in two seasons. He would move on to MIA before retiring with ARI in 2018.
CP (NE)(WAR 12.67) Rookie of the Year in 1989 who saved 160 games in 6 years for the Orioles. He would save 57 games for 8 teams after leaving BAL in 1993. Was on the 1999 ARI team that lost to the Mets in the playoffs.
OF/3B (NE)(WAR 36.54) Great-fielding member of the Royals 2015 World Champion team. Played his whole career for KC, starting in 2007. He made 3 All Star games and won 6 Gold Gloves. While he's been injured in recent seasons, he has the 6th most hits in KC history.
SS/OF (KS)(WAR 31.34) A 3x All Star who played his whole career for the L.A. Dodgers (1969-'86). Though he helped LA win the '81 World Series, he had the same name as a Boston Celtic all-time great. Nicknamed 'Ropes,' he hit .294 int he post season, 30 points higher than his regular-season average.
SS/3B (NE)(WAR 24.12) Rookie of the Year (for BAL) in 1960, he never had another season like his first. He had 3 good seasons for CHW from 1964-'67. He had the same last name as a Buffalo Bill mid-90's defensive-end out of N.D. State.
3B (KS)(WAR 21.86) Braves 3B who won the Rookie of the Year in 1979. He had 652 RBI for ATL, making one All Star team in '82. He would play for ATL from '79-'86 before coming back to the majors with STL in 1988.
OF (NE)(WAR 13.72) Had a strange 8 year career with the Boston Braves, but never played more than 2 years for BSN before playing for another team for a year or two. A decent hitter, with a .282 career average. Has the same last name as Judd Apatow's wife who was in 'This is 40' and 'Knocked Up.'
C (KS)(WAR 14.64) All Star catcher for the mid-40's Reds. He was great at nailing baserunnes, as he's 7th all time catching 51.7% of all attempted base-stealers. Same last name as the Red Sox 3B who won the batting title in 2003.
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