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QUIZ: Can you answer questions on facts about Emile Heskey?

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Emile Heskey's first middle name?
Emile Heskey's second middle name?
Emile Heskey's month of birth?
Emile Heskey's place of birth?
Emile Heskey's senior debut was against which team?
Emile Heskey's first club?
Emile Heskey's second club?
Emile Heskey's third club?
Emile Heskey's fourth club?
Emile Heskey's fifth club?
Emile Heskey's sixth club?
Emile Heskey's seventh club?
Emile Heskey earned his first England cap in which year?
Emile Heskey scored how many total senior England international goals?
Emile Heskey cost Liverpool how much?

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