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Forced Order
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Mid-war amnesty conditions for Confederates
Freed slaves in DC and those held by Confederate officials
Less forgiving plan for reconstruction pocket-vetoed by Lincoln
Program to educate freed slaves by William Sherman
Issued General Order 11 and formed an all-black combat unit
Field Order behind '40 acres and a mule'
Congressional group that planned Radical Reconstruction
Infamous speech tour by Johnson
Prosecutors in Johnson impeachment (2)
Nickname for Southern white Unionists
Ran against Grant in 1868
Vice President implicated in Credit-Moblier scandal
Liberal Republican candidate in 1872
Act that ended paper money during the Depression of 1873
Case that said only states could prosecute under the KKK act
Ran against and technically defeated Hayes in 1876
Compromise that put Hayes in office
Sec. of War for Lincoln and Johnson, reason for latter's impeachment
Conservative branch of Republicans after Hayes
Led the above party
Moderate faction of Republicans
Led the above party
Liberal Republicans against the spoils system
Assassinated Garfield
Reformed the spoils system in response to Garfield's death
Act similar to 'Free-Silver' passed under Harrison
Controversial tariff of about 50%
Started laying track near Omaha
Other company
Case that came out in favor of abusive railroad practices
God made me rich!/An essay by Carnegie
Federal bill that circumvented #30
Famous trust-busting act
First national labor union (hint hint)
Although they were innocent, this undid the Knights of Labor
Massive Ag mining strike crushed by Harrison when it got violent
Strike against a Carnegie steel plant. Pinkerton!
Led the famous Pullman strike and was later a semi-successful socialist candidate
Long-lived umbrella union
Founded the above union
Rallied against immigration
Banned the title ethnicity for 61 years
Founded the Hull House
Founded the Henry Street Settlement House
Founded Christian Science
Wrote 'Women and Economics'
Advocated use of contraceptives in semi-violation of the below
Made the above almost illegal
Wrote 'A Century of Dishonor'
Colorado massacre of Native Americans
Attempt to 'acclimatize' tribes by banning them from owning land
Wrote 'The Significance of the Frontier in American History'
Farmer's organization that became the Populist Party
Semi-successful Greenback/Populist candidate
Tariff passed in spite of Cleveland's promise to reduce tariffs
'Army' of farmers that walked to Washington only to be arrested for marching on the grass
Queen of Hawaii
William Jennings Bryan's famous speech
Ran McKinley's campaign and 'bought' the White House
Tariff under McKinley of about 45%
'System' under which Republicans dominated politics
This letter from a Spanish minister helped spark the Spanish American War
Seized the Philippines
Filipino insurgent
Amendment stating that the U.S. would not annex Cuba
Amendment giving the U.S. Guantanamo
Cases that said persons in territories did not have equal rights
Gave Puerto Ricans limited self-government
Sounds benevolent to native peoples, is actually racist
Secretary of State under TR
The above's notes to nations abusing China
This agreement ended anti-Japanese laws in San Francisco
Wrote 'Wealth Against Commonwealth' to investigate monopolies
Wrote 'History of the Standard Oil Company'
Wrote 'How the Other Half Lives', showing the lives of urban poor
Wrote 'The Shame of the Cities', exposing corruption
Union behind the Anthracite Coal Strike
Often called the most radical socialist party in the US
Founded the above
Taft's failed attempt to reduce the tariff
Wilson's successful attempt at tariff reduction
Established the Federal Reserve
Another antitrust act
Established a commission to investigate illegal business practices
Wilson's response to Taft's 'dollar diplomacy'
Mexican revolutionary overthrown by Wilson
Troops doing the above landed here
This other revolutionary then took power
And this third revolutionary then attacked New Mexico
French passenger ship attacked by U-Boats
Bonds sold during World War I
Act creating the Council of National Defense to oversee the war at home
Ministry of Propaganda
Led the militant National Women's Party
Led the moderate National American Woman Suffrage Association
US leader in WWI
Led France at the Paris Peace Conference
Let the UK at the above
Led Italy
Led the reservationists against the Treaty of Versailles
Harding's morally questionable allies
Interior Secretary behind Teapot Dome
Nickname for the American authors who lived in Europe during the 1920s
Slowed postwar immigration (first)
Further reduced immigration to 2 percent
Two Italian anarchists falsely accused of murder but executed anyway
Led 'Negro Nationalism' before being deported to Jamaica for committing mail fraud
The above man founded this organization
Hoover founded 'trickle-down' theory with this group
He also shot down this bill that would fit into the TVA
The Bonus Army lost this 'battle'
FDR liked this economist
Gave Roosevelt the power to regulate banking transactions
Protected savings deposits and created the FDIC
Helped put Native Americans to work in the CCC/PWA, etc
Al Smith founded this group to oppose FDR
This Catholic priest garnered 40 million listeners being anti-Semitic and anti-FDR
'Share Our Wealth', 'Every Man a King', assassinated in 1935
Proposed a sort of Social Security Act before it happened
The above created this party with the priest
This man founded the CIO within the AFL
This case declared NIRA unconstitutional
Did the same to the AAA
Forbade most civil servants from participating in campaigns and blocked federal funding
US program to assist with German reperations
What FDR promised Latin America he would be
Concluded that bankers and arms manufactures had lobbied for WWI
Prohibited private loans to governments that had defaulted on war debts
Prohibited the sale of arms to nations at war
Policy that forced nations at war to buy all American goods with cash
Germany demanded this region from Czechoslovakia
Hitler broke this agreement by invading Czechoslovakia
A brigade named for this president fought in the Spanish Civil War
The first peacetime draft in US history
FDR defeated him in 1940
Allowed for the title actions in defense of any nation considered vital to US security
August 1941 agreement between Churchill and FDR
Pact between Germany, Italy, and Japan that formed the Axis
Japanese commander of the Pearl Harbor attack
Prevented the deployment of Japanese ships to Australia
Americans learn of Japanese plan to invade Hawaii
German leader in Africa
Egyptian battle between the Nazis and the British
FDR and Churchill postponed an invasion of France while meeting here
Nickname for semi-volunteer business men in Washington during WWII
A strike led by #121 prompted the passage of this bill
The Declaration of this city called for Japan's unconditional surrender
The American general that took Berlin
Navy colleague of MacArthur
Naval battle that sunk 18 Japanese ships and helped reclaim the Solomon Islands
This largest naval battle in history effectively destroyed the Japanese navy
Ship that the Japanese surrendered on
A conference held here decided the fate of Germany and Poland
This document on post-war Europe came out of a namesake conference
Fifty nations met here to draft the UN charter
Truman created this agency after the Cold War began
Truman airlifted supplies to this city after Stalin cut off access
This man's containment theory dictated US policy towards the USSR
China entered the Korean war when US forces neared this river
This NSC report led on the USSR led to the US defense budget tripling
This bill provided post-war benefits for the tittle group
This act severely restricted union activity and was passed over Truman's veto
This group of southern Democrats nominated Strom Thurmond in 1948
Espionage trials convicted this man and the Rosenbergs of spying for the USSR
Joe McCarthy led this
Reagan helped create this list of communists in the title place
These acts forced the firing of federal employees with links to communists
This act forced communist groups to register with the AG and limited immigration of potential communists
This literature movement included authors like Jack Kerouac
Chief justice in Brown v. Board
Eisenhower's secretary of state
The Viet Cong defeated the French here
Kennedy named his agenda this
Leader of South Vietnam
This group led the Freedom Summer movement
This group is famous for MLK
This group supported the Freedom Rides
This leader of #175 coined the term 'Black Power'
Wrote 'The Other America', exposing poverty in the US
LBJ passed this act in response to the above work
Along with Medicare/caid, the above created this group to train inner-city men
It also created this program to educated poor pre-schoolers
LBJ eliminated immigration quotas with this act
This Republican candidate in 1964 argued for nuking Vietnam
Codename for the bombing campaign during Vietnam
Not napalm
CIA operation against anti-war activists authorized by LBJ
Democratic candidate in 1968 who refused to denounce Vietnam
Wheel-chair bound racist that ran for president four times
Nixon's policy of improving relations to end the Cold War
Nixon won 520-13 against this Democrat
Vietnam bombing campaign named for a holidy
The Watergate burglars worked for this
Carter blamed the recession on civilians in this speech
Some Republicans nicknamed Regan's economic policy this because it didn't make sense
October 19th, 1987
Regan's 1984 opponent and their VP
Nicaraguan communists
Act blocking further funding of the Contras
Agreement that removed all nukes from Europe

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