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Definition OneWordsDefinition Two
To be adjacent toA valved, brass wind instrument
Exists A period of time
EnthusiasticA female singer
Not goodTo apply gently
To prohibitTo arrest
A poetDull or lacking color
A wooden clubA small flap or tag
Flying mammalsTo pierce or penetrate
A storage containerThe point of a pen
Wet, spongy groundA lump
To hit or strikeA rounded handle that turns
To boastStyle or appearance
A small, immature plant projectionTo strike lightly, as a knight
Hair gathered into a coilA protuberance
Hamburger rollsTo ignore or leave out
Prickly casing around a seedTo massage
On the contraryA vat in which to bathe
Barrier obstructing water flowAngry
An applied picture or designDrawn together, like shoes
Not shallowUrinated
Antlered mammalA musical mouthpiece
To bringSpoke abusively
A fabric for jeansDug or excavated
Condensed moistureTo marry
To call, as a phone numberBirthed, as eggs
Absorbant underwear for babiesReturned, as money
To wearNon-verbal action of agreement
Unfortunate fate or destinyA period of emotion
A barrier that opens and closesA crucifix
To sketchA hospital division
A sliding component of a bureauMoney offered for a completed service
A vehicle that haulsThree feet
Pertaining to twoTo praise
A mild cheeseProduced
To reviseThe rise and fall of sea levels
A slippery sea creatureA protective shelter
To send forthAn infinite duration
ThereforeA certain fairy tale monster
Definition OneWordsDefinition Two
To beatA sport with clubs, tees, and holes
To move along in a streamCarnivorous canine that hunts in packs
To chatA pouch
A girlTo fall behind
WomenWaste product of an ore
A fish with long jawsA bit of cloth
FuelTo droop
To form or setLower limb
Small flyA strong taste
WildebeestsTo have spoken rhythmically
Swallow eagerlyTo stop or fill, as a leak
A chewable substanceA cup with a handle
Tissue surrounding the teethSelf-satisfied
StomachTo pull with force
A hard, ductile metallic elementSeaweed for sushi
Ship projection that provides stabilityOnion relative
FaintsSmooth and glossy
To maintainA quick glance
SewsTo reek
Type of beerRoyal
To drink by using the tongueFriend
To ogle or stare atA spool for film
An outcastTo force away
A rigid bar that pivotsIndulge in pleasure or success
A dishonest personTrain track component
A closed circuitSmall body of water
An opening within a ribbonA bobbin for weaving
Spoils or treasureAn implement
Robs or pillagesA short seat with no back
Atlas pagesCanned meat produced by Hormel
To defaceA male sheep
MightSweet potato
To encounterTo brim with
To anchorA living space
RestA shallow cooking dish
DozesA distance
Meshed fabricRoman numeral X
To pinchSharp, slender fastener
Small drinks of alcoholRotate
A louse eggMalleable, ductile metallic element
Definition OneWordsDefinition Two
In no wayLarge unit of weight
The presentSucceeded
Almonds, cashews, and pecansTo astonish
One that walks back and forthSummary
ChumsTo smack
Scans across, as a cameraBreak suddenly
AverageMusic with beats and boastful rhymes
A portionTo ensnare
RolesA looped band
Informal unit of butterA keg faucet
Animal feetTo exchange
Give compensation forBark shrilly
Discharges urineTo ooze
House animalsLift a foot
Wins a wrestling matchTo cut
Cavity in the groundPoint
HarborsA sharpening device
Deep container for cookingSummit
Discharge from a sore or scabTo eat dinner
Gentle blowsPractice boxing
Prison informerDark, viscous pitch
Long-tailed rodentsLuminous body of hot gases
UncookedConflict between countries
Cutting toolNo longer is
Clickable buttonExtends over
Small cutsMakes yarn
MucusLarge amounts
Petty quarrelGently pats a shoulder
Remove the ovaries from an animalMouths
SalivaPieces of advice
A round stainSpinning toys
A hearty soupDampens
Drinking tubeUnattractive lumps on the skin
A wrongful actJog briskly

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