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Delivery boy from the past
One-Eyed sewer mutant and ship captain
Robot also known as Bending Unit 22
Elderly mad scientist and delivery company owner
Inept crab-like physician
Jamaican bureaucrat
Cute Martian intern
The janitor
Genius clone
Alien lieutenant
Undercover pet with a big appetite
Acting robot
Limbo gold medalist
Wife of Jamaican bureaucrat
Son of Jamaican bureaucrat
Mad scientist's rival
CEO and Mad scientist's former lover
First of three sons of the CEO
Second of three sons of the CEO
Third of three sons of the CEO
Idiotic starship captain
One-Eyed mutant's father
One-Eyed mutant's mother
Mayor of New New York
Deceased holiday figure
Mafia gang leader
First of two mafia thugs
Second of two mafia thug
Large female robot often used as a vehicle
Celebrity Neptunian Chef
Globetrotter and physicist
A Bending Unit 22 with a goatee
Crab-like physician's actor uncle
Elderly lady with several cats
Headless vice-president
Green, jelly-like alien with a temper
Robot that lives a life of luxury
Mind controlling amphibian
Poultry attorney
Martian Intern's father
Martian Intern's mother
Rapping holiday robot
Female news anchor
Emporer of Omicron Persei 8
Exploding car salesman
Ex-girlfriend from the past
Alien news anchor
Pizza shop owner of the past
Wife of the Emporer of Omicron Persei 8
Gambling old lady from Nutley
Reverand robot
Insane stabbing robot
Earth judge of the future
Robot holiday figure that deems everyone naughty
Evil, satanic robot
Overweight, lazy blue-collar worker
Beloved dog of the past
Slug-like refreshment mascot
Human police officer
Robot police officer
Orphan robot with a crutch
Abusive older brother from the past
President of Earth without a body

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