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Can you name the Foods that Don't Sound Edible?

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Inedible ClueFood
Shirt made famous by Dem Franchize Boyz?
Not allowed to run off and marry?
A duo from China, Japan, or Thailand?
橙 or a colorful fruit in Chinese?
Place a drinking apparatus in a hole and cover it with soil?
Citrus assistant?
A racquet sport during a certain season?
Family of a device that moves fluids?
Two sound waves of equal amplitude with slightly different frequencies?
Measure of gold purity?
Tongue stroke of a needlefish?
A hole or crack in a pipe?
Young fowl urine?
Bowling three strikes on a Thursday in November?
A bolt fastener found on a box?
Contracting tissue?
Words of congratulation said before drinking in Paris?
A Roman putting on clothes?
Raised by two red-headed parents?
Flip or rotation of the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?
Blossom of a plant?
A fumble or interception by Steve Jobs?
A naked talon?
A sheep tender's circle-related ratio?
A warm canine?
A cold spice?
Spellcaster that lives on the beach?
Liquid extracted from a walking stick?
Circular band of fur?
Bring a famous chef named Bobby to court?
Inedible ClueFood
Plea asking for permission to rhyme?
An essential or important Nintendo gaming system?
Regret a sharp projection?
Clock reading?
Owed a young deer?
Arrow projecting weapon made of resin?
Quebec native making a cake or cookies?
Post that holds down a short dress?
Sign for a Mattel doll to come on stage?
Me yelling about the Sabbath?
Pitch easy to throw with a Wiffle Ball?
A written complaint?
A hole filled with tiny bits of bread?
Go from last to first?
Might help a knight off of the ground?
Rear ends of shrews?
Antlered mammal brightened by a teacher's writing utensil?
Placing something somewhere?
Definite comedy routine?
A drawing of a laugh?
A leg joint that unlocks a park filled with caged animals?
Utter a no-so-bad four letter word?
Dogs with ID tags that have the same colorful name?
Chocolate fanatic?
Remove unnecessary Hebrews?
A social appointment?
Solidify a container made of a certain malleable metal?
Statue of an Egyptian Sun god made from hard wood?
The best knighted groin region?

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