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Can you name the spells in the Harry Potter series (with a known incantation)??

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EffectIncantationSpell name
Summons an object to the caster.
Produces a jet of water from caster's wand.
Unlocks doors.
Clears a target's airway.
Makes invisible ink appear.
Traps target in a thick spider web.
Causes instant death to the target.
Creates a flock of birds.
Strengthens an enclosure from enemies.
Locks doors.
Causes target to explode in flames.
Causes victim to become confused.
Causes unbearable pain to the target.
Digs out hard materials such as stone.
Removes evidence of a previously cast spell.
Causes teeth to grow longer.
Causes strong wind to loosen or soften things.
Makes things sink, or go down.
Severs or cuts material such as lace or rope.
Opens secret passage to Honeydukes.
Makes an object hard.
Causes target to swell in size.
Heals minor injuries.
Used to erect something.
Makes target vanish.
Conjures a Patronus.
Disarms another wizard.
Causes target to explode.
Creates a bandage and a splint.
Ends the effect of a previous spell.
EffectIncantationSpell name
Leaves fiery marks on target.
Causes target to become covered in boils.
Creates a duplicate of target.
Causes a stairway to flatten into a slide.
Reveals humans near the caster.
Impedes a target's progress towards caster.
Causes victim to obey the caster's commands.
Makes something repel substances.
Ties target up with ropes.
Produces fire.
Glues victim's tounge to roof of their mouth.
Allows caster to read the mind of victim.
Dangles victim upside-down by ankles.
Releases victims hung by their ankles.
Used with name of target to move it around.
Locks victim's legs together.
Creates a beam of light from caster's wand.
Causes magical weather effects to cease.
Moves trees.
Moves bodies.
Conjures Voldemort's mark.
Keeps others from hearing conversations.
Removes beam of light from caster's wand.
Alters victim's memory,
Causes a blindfold to cover victim's eyes.
Causes conjured objects to attack a victim.
Causes a bouquet of flowers from wand.
Packs a trunk.
Supposedly removes Cornish Pixies.
Binds victim's body in a soldier-like position.
EffectIncantationSpell name
Makes statues or suits of armour to obey caster.
Causes caster's wand to point north.
Turns an object into a portkey.
Causes a wand to reveal its last spell cast.
Causes minor spells to rebound upon attacker.
Provides some protection against Dark Magic.
Provides protection for an area or dwelling.
Makes magically magnified voices return to normal.
Makes an enlarged object smaller.
Causes solid objects to explode.
Causes target to release that which it holds.
Bring someone out of unconsciousness.
Repairs broken objects.
Keeps Muggles away from wizarding places.
Causes target to experience tickling.
Forces a Boggart to take a funny appearance.
Provides some protection against hexes.
Used to clean something.
Violently wounds target.
Conjures a serpent from caster's wand.
Silences something immediately.
Magnifies caster's voice.
Causes an object to show its secrets.
Puts victim in an unconscious state.
Makes victim's legs dance uncontrollably.
Siphons material from a surface.
Launches small objects through the air.
Levitates objects.

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