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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions on obscure friends trivia?

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What do Joey and Chandler have on the wall of their apartment next to the door?
Which of Chandler's girlfriends has a fake leg?
Who makes up the questions in The Roomate Game?
Whose shoe does Marcelle defacate in?
Who marries Rachel's ex-fiancee, Barry?
What is Joey's nickname when he works at Alessandro's italian restaurant?
What component of the plane does Phoebe claim there is some this wrong with in the last episode?
What shop does Phoebe rent a wedding dress from?
What problem does Joey go to a sleep clinic about?
Who does Joey pretend is his twin for a medical experiment?
What venue does Rachel's father try to book for a wedding when she becomes pregnant?
What girl cheats on both Chandler and Joey?

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