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Can you name the answers to these questions all about Roseanne?

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Is Roseanne's mother a lesbian?
Who plays the character of Darlene Conner?
Roseanne's husband?
How many series of Roseanne are there?
Name of the first episode in series 3?
Where does Dan's affair take place?
Who plays Booker?
What is his real name?
What is the first job we see Roseanne doing?
In series 3, who does Darlene get 'felt up' by?
What did Roseanne always want to be?
Who does DJ take out on a date in series 7?
Why would DJ never come up to the board to put up his homework answers?
Name of the local bar?
Roseanne's sister?
Who does Becky marry?
What town do the Conners live in?
Name of Becky's husband's brother?
What is the name of Roseanne's eldest child?
How many kids does she eventually have?

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