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Can you name the college coaches disgraced by the scandals described below?

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Failed to prevent his players from associating with a kown gambler who had been twice convicted for sports bribery.Resigned in 1992.
Dispatched 'recruiting hostesses' across the country to lure top recruits, was caught on camera carousing with young co-eds, and may have wrecked a rental car while DUI.Resigned in 2010.
Failed to prevent recruiting aides from enticing recruits with sex, drugs, and alcohol during on-campus recruiting events.Resigned in 2005.
During a game, struck a member of the opposing team whose last-minute heroics guaranteed the win for his own team and a loss for the coach's.Fired in 1978.
Improperly hosted recruits at his own home, then lied about it during the ensuing NCAA investigation.Fired in 2011.
Allegedly allowed -- and possibly encouraged -- a booster to provide illegal benefits to a top recruit, including financial assistance with medical bills and SAT registration fees.Suspended for three games in 2011.
Participated in a betting pool in violation of NCAA gambling rules.Fired in 2003.
Allegedly offered money to someone close to a top recruit in exchange for his efforts to influence the recruit to join the coach's program.Resigned in 2009.
Struck one of his players in the locker room at halftime during a game, lied about it, and instructed other players and coaches to lie on his behalf.Fired in 2010.
Knocked one of his players to the ground during practice, then kicked him while he was down.Resigned in 2011.
Knew that some of his players were selling or trading team memorabilia; concealed these violations from, then later lied about them to, the NCAA.Resigned in 2011.
Allegedly knew about -- and may have facilitated -- an inappropriate relationship between his star player and a sports-marketing company.Resigned in 2010.
Allegedly 'punished' a player who was medically unable to practice with his team by forcing him to stand in a darkened garage.Fired in 2009.
Improperly paid tuition costs for two of his players; when one was later shot to death, he instructed other players and coaches to mischaracterize the decesased as a drug dealer.Resigned in 2003.
Allegedly discouraged a female athlete from reporting that she had been raped by one of his own players.Resigned in 2004.
May have known that his son, one of his own assistant coaches, awarded two of their players 'A' grades in courses they never attended.Resigned in 2003.
Was involved in a car accident after taking prescription painkillers and drinking alcohol.Resigned in 2006.

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