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How many times do they say sh*t in the episode 'It hits the Fan'?
Who plays Chef?
What episode was pulled from the air, nominated for an emmy, and offended Issac Hayes so much that he didn't want to be in the show anymore?
What is Cartman's Middle name?
What did Cartman want the mascot to be after Peta made them switch?
What is Season 8 Episode 11?
Where does Stan's Hockey team play the championship?
What other NAMBLA association do the police get confused with?
What is the name of the guy from the future in the Trapper Keeper Episode?
What is the word that the kids make up in 'World Wide Recorder Concert' that actually turns out to be a real word?
What is the name of the hill in the episode 'Cartman's Silly Hate Crime'?
What is the name of the boy band that Randy was in?
What is the name of Rosie O'Donnel's Nephew in the Trapper Keeper Episode?
How much money does Kyle Give to the Homeless man outside his house?
What is the name of the tourettes instructor in 'Le Petite Torette'?
How big was Randy's World Record Crap in 'More Crap'?
After Kyle and Stan beat Guitar hero, what does the game say?
Where do the boys plan to take Britney Spears to get away from the media?
Where is Kyle's Cousin Kyle Schwartz from?
Who is Cartman's Father?
What is Butter's Full name?
What field of science is Linda Black(Token's Mom) involved with?
What Big Business Coffee Shop drove out Tweek's Coffee shop?
What car does Jimbo drive?

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