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What County was Forrest Born into?
What is Bubba's Full Name?
Where did Lieutenant Dan think Bubba and Forrest were from?
What city did Lieutenant Dan think was 'Marvelous'.
What is Lt. Dan's Full name?
Who was Forrest named after?
What are Forrest and Bubba using to scrub the florr with when Bubba finishes talking about shrimp?
What did the Army recruitor ask Forrest at his graduation?
What did Luitenant Dan invest Forrest into after his days as a Shrimp Boat captain?
What material is Lt. Dan's leg made of?
What ethnicity is lt. Dan's fiance?
What color shoes was Elvis wearing when he was playing Guitar for Forrest?
What color shirt was John Lennon wearing when he met Forrest?
What statement was on the walls of the building in which Forrest was introduced to the Black Panthers?
What color is the Nike swoosh on Forrest's shoes in the beginning of the movie?
Who won best supporting actor for his role in Forrest Gump?
What expression did Forrest use to describe his friendship with Jenny?
What song is playing when Jenny is on the ledge of the building threatening to kill herself?

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