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Who plays Bob in Fight Club?
The Lead Singer of what band is in this Movie(besides Meatloaf and Live)
What does Tyler Durden say about Martha Stewart?
What historical figure did Edward Norton want to fight?
Finish the Quote. 'Self improvement is masturbation'
The First rule of Fight Club is...
What is the first rule of Project Mayhem?
Who sings the song 'Where is my mind'?
Marla's phone number was ***-0134. What were the first three digits?
What was Marla's apartment number?
What is the name of the narrator's boss?
What song closes the movie?
Which member of Fight Club was the first to die?
How much blood can you swallow before you get sick?
Edward Norton's character threatens to give the police a what?
What should Edward Norton's character chew on to get rid of his insomnia?
How did Marla get the Xanax that she overdosed on?
How many buildings did Tyler try to destroy by the end of the movie?
What does Edward Norton's character pretend to have while at 'Remaining Men Together'?
What type of Companies were the Buildings that collapsed?
Who played Thomas?
Who did Edward Norton's character actually turn out to be?

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