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What friend of Peter lives across the street from The Griffins?
What is the name of the street that The Griffins live in?
What is the name of Quagmire's dad?
What is Peter's Favorite Song?
What is Meg allergic to?
What Year was Family Guy created in?
What is the name of Glenn Quagmire's daughter, in the Episode 'Quagmire's Baby'?
What is the name of the anthromorphic chicken that violently fights Peter?
What episode did the Greased up Deaf Guy first appear in?
Who is the Principal of James Woods High School?
Who voiced Death in his first appearance?
What does Herbert want for Christmas?
What ancestor of Stewie's did Bertram kill in the episode 'The Big Bang Theory'.
What 'Star Wars' character does Brian appear as in 'Blue Harvest'?
How many hairs does Stewie have?
Stewie's middle name?
How old is Stewie?
Who is Dylan?
What Breed is Brian?
Where was Brian born?
What is Peter's hair made out of?
What actor plays Peter in 'Rolling Courage: The Joe Swanson Story'?
How old was Francis Griffin when he died?
Who did Thelma Griffin have a relationship with while in Ireland?
What is Lois's maiden name?

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