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Paik and Comstock's meta-analysis found that exposure to media violence did what in aggression levels for males, particularly pre-school: increased/decreased? (AO2)
What is the two word term given to the activation of aggression after watching violent media? (AO1)
In 1995, Charlton studied the effects of newly introduced TV on what island- finding that there was no significant change in children's behaviour? (RWA)
Which psychologist and namesake of a famous British actor claimed that aggression is never normal in real world and media violence makes children more frightened than frightening?
The more 'real' TV violence is, the more likely children are to...? (AO1)
Who (clue) found that boys who watch more violence on TV have lower physiological arousal? (AO1)
Unpunished media violence might reduce a child's guilt about performing similar actions and could 'what' their behaviour? (AO1)
Josephson's walkie talkie experiment provided support for cognitive priming. But what sport did he study? (AO2)
What is the term for children becoming less anxious about violence the more they watch it? (AO1)
Who suggested that demand characteristics might have played a part in Bandura's Bobo Doll findings? (AO2)

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