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Forced Order
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What type of animal did DeCoursey experiment on by removing the SCN?
What hormone is released by the pineal gland at night, as it inhibits brain mechanisms promoting wakefulness?
What is the term used for the resetting of the biological clock as the result of exogenous zeitgebers?
Where is the SCN located?
What did Davidson propose as an alternative reason for circadian rhythms?
Who managed to shift circadian rhythms by shining light on participants' knees?
What is the main zeitgeber that adjusts the body clock?
What part of RAID does the testing of non-human animals apply to?
What part of the SCN is quickly reset by external cues?
Who bred 'mutant' hamsters to have 20 hour circadian rhythms, before inserting the SCN into normal hamsters and noting that the rhythm transported too?

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