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Who found that individual differences (coping abilities) affected the consequences of shift work?
Who found that divorce rates might be as high as 60% for all night shift workers?
Who found that shiftworkers are 3X more likely to develop heart disease than non shiftworkers?
Winter found that what part of the SCN takes one day to adjust to one hour of phase advance or delay?
Herxheimer and Petrie found that the intake of what hormone before bed can reduce the effects of jet lag?
What sport did Recht find that phase delay 'wrecked' performances in by 7%?
External factors can affect shiftworkers' sleep patterns, with Tilley and Wilkinson finding it can reduce sleep by around 2 hours and it affects what kind of sleep?
Gold found that 'what' can be more harmful than non-fluctuating shifts?
Who found that adjusting diet in line with the new destination can help entrain biological rhythms?
Shiftworkers often experience decreased alertness between midnight and when, because of reduced cortisol levels?

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