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Who studied a blind man who had to take stimulants and sedatives to control his 24.9 hr sleep cycle.
Who said that individual differences must be taken into account? (early risers, early sleepers etc)
What is the name of the internal 'clock'?
(AO1/2)Who placed participants in a WW2 bunker. finding their circadian rhythms lasted 24-25 hours?
What hormone is produced most at around 6am, making us alert when we wake up?
What was Siffre's investigation, which might make it unreliable?
What is the name of the study into how timing affects drug treatments?
What psychological approach does this follow?
(AO1) How long do circadian rhythms last?
Who argued that studies into circadian rhythms were flawed due to artificial light?
Who conducted the 'quickening clock' cave study?
(AO1/2)Who was the french cave explorer that found circadian rhythms to last 24 hours?

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