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Forced Order
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In what year did the first McDonalds restaurant open in Moscow?
What organisation formally ended on 28th September 1991?
What were the two policies implemented by Gorby with weird names?
True or false: In 1980 collectivised agriculture was still in place in USSR?
What 'law' of 1988 allowed employers to decide employees' wages?
What was the name of the unpopular quality control system, implemented in the USSR in 1986?
What 'law' of 1987 was unpopular in USSR due to the presence a command economy?
In 1977, how much money did the USSR spend on importing rolled steel, tin plate and large diameter steel piping? (in $)
USA placed embargoes on exports to USSR, but what was particularly forbidden?
Which workers struck in 1989, forcing the government to accept that it is a worker's basic right to strike?
By the mid 1980s, Eastern European countries were reluctant to cooperate in Comecon, as they felt it would only benefit who?
The Anti-Alcohol campaign started in 1985 and aimed to reduce Vodka production by how much over 5 years?
Who replaced Brezhnev as Soviet leader in 1982?

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