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What was the name of the military alert declared by the USA during the Arab-Israeli conflict?
Who is good at free kicks?
Which group did the USA back covertly in Angola?
What country's pro-American government was overthrown by Islamic fundamentalists?
Hafizullah Amin (Afghanistan) was against what religion?
The three groups fighting for power in Angola were: MPLA, FNLA and who?
Who did the Soviet Union ratify a 20 year friendship with in October 1976?
Where was there a summit meeting in June 1973?
The coup of which Afghan leader in 1978 caused the Soviets to invade a year later?
Who did the Soviets kill on 27th December 1979?
Which country granted independence to Angola in 1974?
What was the phrase used to describe the USA's (Kissinger's in particular) efforts to ensure diplomatic relations with key Arab states?
Carter cancelled plans for which treaty after the Soviets invasion of Afghanistan?
in 1980 Carter placed an embargo on the sales of what to the Soviet Union?
Which organisation eventually managed to secure a cease-fire?
The USA had to cease their backing of an Angolan group after 'which' country began to aid them as well?
President Sadat was determined to end Israeli occupation of the Egyptian 'what', taken after the Six-Day War of 1967?
Which continent was not willing to compromise East-West Detente despite the Soviet's invasion of Afghanistan
In what year was the Arab oil embargo imposed on the USA lifted?
In the Arab-Israeli conflict, who did the USA initially back?

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