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QUIZ: Can you name the family guy characters?

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Forced Order
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who they arecharacters
the pedophile who loves chris
the main character
Peter's wife
Peter's baby
Peter's older son
Peter's dog
Peter's daughter
Peter's disabled friend
Peter's perverted friend
Peter's black friend (not anymore)
bartender at the Drunken Clam
lives in Chris' closet
Peter's boss at the brewery
Peter's boss at the happy go lucky toy factory
founder of Quahog
wife of the founder of Quahog
who they arecharacters
Brian's dumb ex-girlfriend
Cleveland's ex-wife
Lois' dad
Lois' mom
Lois' crazy brother
actor who hosts the mansion in the episode 'and then there were fewer
Stewie's teddy bear
Joe's son who died in Iraq
Joe's wife
Cleveland's son
Peter's step dad
Peter's mom
Peter's real dad
Jewish guy across the street
Jewish guy's wife
Jewish guy's son

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