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kind or type of literature
any work of literature that includes material that is inventer of made up. it is not a record of things that actually happened
work of literature that deals with ACTUAL and TRUE events
a short, concentrated fiction prose narrative
a prose, fictional narrative usually consisting of more than 50,000 words. Uses the same basic literary elements as a short story (such as plot, characters, etc. But develops them
the time and place of a story or play
the series of events that make up a story or play. It is usually established early
a type of writing that explains, gives information, defines or clarifies. Often, it is the opening of a story in which setting is established and characters are introduced
events in the plots leading up to the story or drama's climax
the moment of greatest emotional intensity or suspense in a story or play
the events in a plot that came after the climax
the closing of the story once the climax of a story or play (denoument)
when the author leads the reader one way, but the author doesnt really wrap up the conflict **not official word on the list**
a struggle or clash between opposing characters or opposing forces
a person, animal, or other being who has a part to play in the action of a story
the writers process of revealing the personality of a character
when the writer (narrator) tells directly what the character is like
when the writer/narrator uses clues, usually actions or dialogue to describe what the character is like
main character in a fiction or drama, person who sets the plot in motion
person or force that challenges protagonist
the needs, conflictsm desires or fears that drive a character to do what he/she/it does
a character that DOES NOT change
a character that changes throughout the story
A character with only one or two traits and can be described in a words
a character with many traits which sometimes contradict each other; a complicated character
Perspective from which a story is told
the narrator knows everything there is to know about the characters and problems; since the narrator knows everything but does not appear as a character, this is a 'God like' persp
Narrator who is not a character; that focuses on the thoughts and feelings of one character
Narrator who is one of the characters, uses words like I, us, we; this view comes from one person, so it is usually limited
A conflict between two different beings or forces
When a conflict occurs within one character (mostly round characters deal with this)
the atmosphere created by a literary work or passage (or a passage or a literary work)
The Point, Moral, message, and/or the central idea in a work of literature
What the work is about (in a word or two)
When the unexpected occurs
the plot of a story moves in unexpected ways or ways that are exactly opposite of what the audience has been led to
Irony in which the audience knows something that one or more characters does not (Horror Films use this)
The feeling of uncertainty about the outcome of events in literary work

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