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Casus BelliWar
GATO contemplating war against INC.
LUEnited Nations Co-Leader commits account suicide, NpO nukes him in response.
LUE enters the 'Holy War of Farkistan,' a conflict between GOONS and Fark.
GATO spying on NPO.
The 'Genmay-BoTS War.'
GGA attacks Hyperion, who allegedly aided a reroll of a nation that was on GGA's EZI list. Coalition attacks NpO, claiming a list of transgressions.
Growing worldwide tensions culminating in accusations of OV accepting stolen screenshots.
Casus BelliWar
NpO-m War: Alleged moral and behavioral misconduct. TOP-C&G War: Preemptive strike against expected m coalition combatants.
NpO Regent condoned spying on VE (This war occured at the same time as war #10).
Preemptive strike to stop NPO from returning to power (This war occured at the same time as war #9).
Past grievances.
CSN continued to launch attacks against Dave93 while he was under the protection of MK .
Umbrella filling war slots on a rogue who was attacking AI.

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