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Can you name the Callie and Arizona moments??

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Where did Callie and Arizona have their first kiss?
What does Callie want that Arizona doesn't?
What kind of surgeon is Arizona?
What kind of surgeon is Callie?
What is Callie's full name?
What kind of shoes does Arizona wear?
Does Callie tell her father about her relationship with Arizona?
What word does Arizona commonly use?
Where does Arizona go when she leaves Callie at the Airport?
What color bubble does Arizona say Callie is?
In the season 6 finale, how many kids does Arizona tell Callie they will have?
What is the main reason Arizona does not like Mark for initially?
What is the first wedding Callie and Arizona go to?
Whose baby is Callie pregnant with?
When Callie and Arizona are making out in the shower, who walks in on them?
What does Callie's father take away from her when he discovers she is dating Arizona?
Who is the actress who plays Arizona?
Who is the actress who plays Callie?
When Callie first asks Arizona out, what is her reply?
What song does Callie sing to Arizona's patient during the shooting in season 6?

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