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QUIZ: Can you name the celebrities who've appeared on South Park (1)?

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HintCelebrity Name
Lover of fish sticks
Snuke in the sniz
Chefs lawyer
Now eat this cupcake... It has... sprinkles...
Taco flavored kisses
'But I'm not in the closet...'
'Oh my gahd you like gotta get outa the closet'
AIDSburger in paradise
Mingy and Gary
HintCelebrity Name
'Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time'
'I guess I'll give this president thing a shot'
Sorry bro, then you're not in costume...
Cartman fools Randy with this impersonation
Falls in love with Cartmans hand...
'I got no dick man'
Sweet blow up doll
Smoosh smoosh
The latest to fall to sex addiction...
Scuzzlebutts non vegetable leg

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