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Lyrics from various U2 songs are posed as questions that can be answered using other lyrics from the same song.

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What did she wear?Lemon
Why did she wear it?Lemon
What did she have?Lemon
What did she do with it?Lemon
What is the distance between a man and woman?A Man and a Woman
Love is clockworks and what?Love is Blindness
We're one, but we're not what?One
October, and what are stripped bare?October
They could not take your what?Pride (In the Name of Love)
What run away like horses over the hill?Dirty Day
A man will beg, a man will crawl, but it's never too late to do what?The Lounge Fly Mix
When are we immune?Sunday Bloody Sunday
What has God got off the hook?If God Will Send His Angels
Would He even do what if He could?If God Will Send His Angels
Who has it been a while since we saw hanging round this neighbourhood?If God Will Send His Angels
What is his mother doing in a doorway?If God Will Send His Angels
Who has a begging bowl?If God Will Send His Angels
Jesus' sister's eyes are what?If God Will Send His Angels
What never looked so low?If God Will Send His Angels
What do your eyes make?I Will Follow
What did I go out walking under?The Wanderer
What do we need to wash away our bad luck?Electrical Storm
What was I stealing honey from?Wild Honey
What's parked at the side of the road?Tomorrow
What are they in the desert to do?Fast Cars
I can't sing, but what have I got?Elevation
What do you know you're chewing?Discothèque
What do you say you want on a ring of gold?All I Want Is You
What are we stuck together with?Staring at the Sun
What does it take a second to do?Seconds
Where does boy meet man?Twilight
Who has Jesus round her neck?Vertigo
What will she suffer?Running to Stand Still
What doesn't love need to do?Love Comes Tumbling
What is time?Zoo Station
Time won't take what out of this man?City of Blinding Lights
What was my throat like?Trip Through Your Wires
What did you give me shelter from?Trip Through Your Wires
Where is there no more water?Trip Through Your Wires
Angel or what?Trip Through Your Wires
What did you do when I was thirsty?Trip Through Your Wires
Who am I waiting for?Trip Through Your Wires
What do you set?Trip Through Your Wires
I'm not going to buy just anyone's what?Breathe
What was I born to do?Magnificent
We thought that we had the answers, but what did we have wrong?11 O'Clock Tick Tock
We used to make love where?When Love Comes to Town
What is the heart?Beautiful Day
What is the reason for the wars we wage?New Year's Day
Why did he stay awake at night?Exit

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