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Forced Order
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I just saw a friendly alien get killed, and the cure for cancer get destroyed. FML
We landed on another planet... inside one of the giant natives' homes. FML
Just found out my parents aren't my real parents... because I'm a robot. FML.
Let myself grow old to be with the woman I love... returned from my spaceflight to find she'd stayed young for me. FML
On my honeymoon, and my husband just got a promotion! Yay! Except now he's obsessed with a stupid fortune-teller machine. FML
Woke up. At my funeral. FML
My own reflection is telling me I'm a loser! FML
My friend is rolling the dice with a gangster... but he won't listen when I tell him my powers that have kept him winning are running out! FML
My daughter goes missing in the middle of the night. My physicist friend explains she's fallen into another dimension. FML
Finally have time to read... but my glasses broke! FML
Just lost my power of super-strength... on national TV. FML
Came home late. To a lion in my bedroom. FML
I have a watch that lets me stop and freeze everything else in the world, and I just broke it while everyone was frozen in time. FML
Met the only woman I've seen in ages. She's an enemy soldier. FML
All my friends regained their youth but I didn't because I was too grouchy to go along with their plans. FML
I met Martians today. They're very hospitable... so hospitable that they've put me in a zoo and won't let me leave. FML
My wish to be wealthy finally came true! Then the taxman came. FML
Travel back in time. No electrical appliances, no cars... FML
Just got life in prison rather than the electric chair. Unfortunately, I'm immortal. FML
Having a turbulent flight... looked out the window and saw a dinosaur. FML

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