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Can you identify which of these Tetrapod Zoology articles are genuine? Enter 'R' if they are real, 'F' if they're fakes.

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Article TitleReal (R) or Fake (F)?
Speculative Penguins: The Horror, the Horror
The Crocopocalypse Is Upon Us
When Elephants Attack
We Flightless Primates
Dammit, and I Sooo Loved the 'Necks For Sex' Hypothesis
War Rhinos
When Eagles Go Bad
1 In (Approximately) 2.2 Mammals Is a Rodent - Deal With It
It Eats Babies and Turns Into a Goat At Night
Alien Investigations and the Montauk Monster
The Atomic Worm-Lizard and Other Aprasia Flapfoots
Did Ichthyosaurs Fly? Probably Not, No
No, That Isn't How Evolution Works
Super-Size Cougars
The Once Mighty Red Panda Empire
Beachmasters and Superweaners: The Exciting Lives of Elephant Seals
Permian Bears: Getting To the Roots of Vicariance
Too Many Rodent Teeth
Babies Love Luis Rey
Quetzalcoatlus: The Evil, Pin-Headed Toothy Nightmare Monster That Wants To Eat Your Soul
Article TitleReal (R) or Fake (F)?
Bipedal Crurotarsan, Harbinger of Doom
Why I Hate Fish
Living Snakes With Hind Limbs? Yep
Attack of the Blue Foamy Pterosaurs
A Fox-Sized Mammal From the Latest Cretaceous of Romania
Large and Lissamphibous
Pipistrellus: Little Bats That Flutter Like Insects (Vesper Bats Part VII)
Horizontal Necks, Trunks, and Just Plain Wrong Wrinkly Skin: The Continuing Saga of Inaccurate Sauropod Reconstructions
In Praise of Passer: Why Sparrows Are Fascinating
Can't Get Me Enough of That Sweet, Sweet Temnodontosaurus
A 3-m Tooth That Can Bend 30 cm In Any Direction and Is Hypersensitive To Salinity, Temperature, and Pressure... and the Sonic Lance Hypothesis
Unusual Giraffe Deaths, Round 3
Five Little-Known Facts About Manatees
The Tale of Microraptor and the Tail of Jeholornis
Cetacean Heresies: How the Chromatic Truthometer Busts the Monochromatic Paradigm
Growing Exposed Bones Out of the Skull and Biting the Legs Off Baby Birds: Who Says Deer Are Lame?
Dead Baby Birds: Why Here, Why Now?
Non-Mammalian Synapsids: So Many, So Mysterious
In Search of Lacertids

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