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Can you name whether the unusual mammal is a member of group A or B?

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oncilla: (A) mongoose OR (B) cat
caracal: (A) dog OR (B) cat
argali: (A) primate OR (B) sheep
springhare: (A) rabbit OR (B) rodent
bettong: (A) marsupial OR (B) rodent
tuco-tuco: (A) shrew OR (B) rodent
binturong: (A) civet OR (B) marsupial
culpeo: (A) dog OR (B) cat
siamang: (A) antelope OR (B) primate
tamandua: (A) anteater OR (B) otter
bontebok: (A) deer OR (B) antelope
banteng: (A) horse OR (B) cattle
pipistrelle: (A) rodent OR (B) bat
kipunji: (A) primate OR (B) bat
kiang: (A) horse OR (B) cattle
aardwolf: (A) hyena OR (B) dog
barasingha: (A) civet OR (B) deer
vaquita: (A) porpoise OR (B) rabbit
boto: (A) goat OR (B) dolphin
nyala: (A) antelope OR (B) primate

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