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Can you name whether the unusual dinosaur is a member of group A or B?

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Acrocanthosaurus: (A) stegosaur OR (B) theropod
Stegoceras: (A) stegosaur OR (B) pachycephalosaur
Suuwassea: (A) sauropod OR (B) ceratopsian
Tarchia: (A) theropod OR (B) ankylosaur
Einiosaurus: (A) ceratopsian OR (B) ankylosaur
Alioramus: (A) theropod OR (B) ornithopod
Struthiosaurus: (A) ankylosaur OR (B) theropod
Olorotitan: (A) sauropod OR (B) ornithopod
Futalognkosaurus: (A) ornithopod OR (B) sauropod
Spinops: (A) ceratopsian OR (B) theropod
Rahonavis: (A) sauropod OR (B) theropod
Guanlong: (A) theropod OR (B) ceratopsian
Fruitadens: (A) heterodontosaur OR (B) ceratopsian
Lophorhothon: (A) pachycephalosaur OR (B) ornithopod
Anodontosaurus: (A) ankylosaur OR (B) ornithopod
Tanycolagreus: (A) theropod OR (B) heterodontosaur
Yinlong: (A) theropod OR (B) ceratopsian
Miragaia: (A) stegosaur OR (B) sauropod
Minmi: (A) stegosaur OR (B) ankylosaur
Erketu: (A) sauropod OR (B) ceratopsian

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