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Can you identify which titles were episodes of classic Doctor Who (D) or The Twilight Zone (T)?

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The Invisible Enemy
A Quality of Mercy
Death Ship
The Hunt
The Visitation
The Happiness Patrol
The Fear
The War Games
The Old Man In the Cave
The Silence
Desperate Measures
Five Hundred Eyes
The Chaser
Frontier In Space
The Midnight Sun
State of Decay
The Invaders
The Long Morrow
The Dead Planet
The Arrival
Judgment Night
The Lateness of the Hour
Black Orchid
The Little People
Four To Doomsday
The Last Flight
The Feast of Steven
The Man In the Bottle
The Howling Man
An Unearthly Child
Strangers In Space
City of Death
Arc of Infinity
The Survivors
Paradise Towers
Third From the Sun
The Four of Us Are Dying
No Time Like the Past
The Armageddon Factor
The Awakening
The Night of the Meek
The Parallel
Passage On the Lady Anne
Queen of the Nile
Don't Shoot the Pianist
Small Prophet, Quick Return

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