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Can you answer these questions about the Doctor Who story City of Death?

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This story featured Doctor Who's first location filming abroad, in which city?
What pseudonym was used by the story's authors?
Who is credited with writing the majority of this story?
This story is largely set in the year it aired; what year is that?
What does the Doctor steal from Countess Scarlioni in the Louvre?
While at the cafe, what does the Doctor order a glass of?
What does Count Scarlioni instruct his butler to sell as discreetly as he can?
'What a wonderful butler, he's so' what?
The Count is planning to steal what painting from the Louvre?
How many copies of this painting does he have in his cellar?
What is Count Scarlioni's real name?
What species is he?
What instrument of torture does Captain Tancredi plan to use on the Doctor?
'If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being tortured by' what?
What does the Doctor write on the six canvases in Leonardo's studio?
How old does Romana say she is?
How many millions of years does the Count intend to travel back in time?
Countess Scarlioni shows the Doctor the original draft of what Shakespeare play?
Which Monty Python actor appears in this story as an art critic?
At what landmark do the Doctor and Romana part ways with Duggan?

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