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Forced Order
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What kind of animal does the Doctor observe hunting?
What word appears on the Doctor's chalkboard before the title sequence?
How many wells did Danny dig as a soldier?
How many mirrors does Clara have in her bedroom?
What comes out from under the bed in the nightmare the Doctor discusses?
What is Danny Pink's real first name?
The Doctor encourages young Danny to see fear as what?
What century is Orson from?
What is the family heirloom Orson gives to Clara?
Where has Orson's ship crashed?
What warning has Orson written on the wall of his ship?
After leaving Orson's crashed ship, what planet does the TARDIS land on?
Who is the child in the barn?
In what story has the barn previously appeared?
In what story did the line 'Fear makes companions of us all' previously appear?

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