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QUIZ: Can you answer the questions about the Doctor Who story Genesis of the Daleks?

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Forced Order
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How many episodes long is this story?
A member of what species sends the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry to Skaro?
This character's robes are what colour?
What is the device the Doctor is given so they can return to the TARDIS?
What are mutated labourers in the Thal dome called?
What are the Thals building?
Who is the Kaled Security Commander?
Who is the scientist who discovers that the Doctor and Harry are aliens and helps them?
What is the name for the machine Davros later names a 'Dalek'?
Who gives the Thals the chemical needed to weaken the Kaled dome enough to destroy it?
What two emotions does Davros have removed from the Dalek mutations?
Who asks, 'Have I the right?'
Who starts the Dalek production line?
Who portrayed Davros in this story?
Who wrote this story?

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