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Can you name the new genera of dinosaurs named in 2016?

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type of dinosaurnew genusprovenance
basal sauropodomorphLate Triassic - Santa Maria Formation (Brazil)
melanorosaurid sauropodomorphLate Triassic - Elliot Formation (Lesotho)
basal titanosaurLate Cretaceous - Winton Formation (Australia)
lithostrotian titanosaurLate Cretaceous - Presidente Prudente Formation (Brazil)
lithostrotian titanosaurLate Cretaceous - Villalba de la Sierra Formation (Spain)
lithostrotian titanosaurLate Cretaceous - Plottier Formation (Argentina)
lithostrotian titanosaurLate Cretaceous - Bajo Barreal Formation (Argentina)
basal neotheropodEarly Jurassic - Blue Lias Formation (Wales)
abelisaurid ceratosaurLate Cretaceous - Bajo de la Carpa Formation (Argentina)
megalosaurid tetanuranMiddle Jurassic - Ornatenton Formation (Germany)
carcharodontosaurid carnosaurLate Cretaceous - Huincul Formation (Argentina)
neovenatorid carcharodontosaur?Late Cretaceous - Huincul Formation (Argentina)
megaraptoran avetheropodLate Cretaceous - Sierra Barrosa Formation (Argentina)
type of dinosaurnew genusprovenance
basal tyrannosauroidLate Cretaceous - Bissekty Formation (Uzbekistan)
maniraptoriform coelurosaurEarly Cretaceous - Kitadani Formation (Japan)
ornithomimid ornithomimosaurLate Cretaceous - Dinosaur Park Formation (Alberta)
ornithomimid ornithomimosaurLate Cretaceous - Packard Shale Formation (Mexico)
caenagnathid oviraptorosaurLate Cretaceous - Horseshoe Canyon Formation (Alberta)
oviraptorid oviraptorosaurLate Cretaceous - Nanxiong Formation (China)
stegosaurLate Jurassic - Morrison Formation (Wyoming)
pachycephalosaurLate Cretaceous - Dinosaur Park Formation (Alberta)
centrosaurine ceratopsidLate Cretaceous - Wahweap Formation (Utah)
chasmosaurine ceratopsidLate Cretaceous - Judith River Formation (Montana)
styracosternan iguanodontianEarly Cretaceous - Golmayo Formation (Spain)
hadrosaurid iguanodontianLate Cretaceous - Mooreville Chalk (Alabama)

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