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Can you name the new genera of dinosaurs named in 2015?

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type of dinosaurnew genusprovenance
anchisaur sauropodomorphEarly Jurassic - Elliot Formation (South Africa)
basal sauropodEarly Jurassic - Elliot Formation (South Africa)
basal sauropodMiddle Jurassic - Zhanghe Formation (China)
mamenchisaurid sauropodLate Jurassic - Suining Formation (China)
diplodocid diplodocoidLate Jurassic - Morrison Formation (Wyoming)
basal macronarian?Early Cretaceous - Hastings Beds (England)
basal somphospondylanEarly Cretaceous - Paja Formation (Colombia)
coelophysoid neotheropodLate Triassic - Dockum Group (Texas)
basal tetanuranLate Jurassic - Toqui Formation (Chile)
oviraptorid oviraptorosaurLate Cretaceous - Nanxiong Formation (China)
dromaeosaurid maniraptoranEarly Cretaceous - Yixian Formation (China)
dromaeosaurid maniraptoran Late Cretaceous - Wapiti Formation (Alberta)
dromaeosaurid maniraptoranLate Cretaceous - Hell Creek Formation (South Dakota)
scansoriopterygid maniraptoranMiddle Jurassic - Tiaojishan Formation (China)
type of dinosaurnew genusprovenance
basal ankylosaurEarly Cretaceous - Allaru Mudstone (Australia)
nodosaurid ankylosaurEarly Cretaceous - Weald Clay (England)
ankylosaurid ankylosaurLate Cretaceous - Sunjiawan Formation (China)
chaoyangosaurid ceratopsianLate Jurassic - Shishugou Formation (China)
neoceratopsian ceratopsianLate Cretaceous - Xiaguan Formation (China)
leptoceratopsid ceratopsianLate Cretaceous - Wangshi Group (China)
centrosaurine ceratopsidLate Cretaceous - Oldman Formation (Alberta)
chasmosaurine ceratopsidLate Cretaceous - St. Mary River Formation (Alberta)
elasmarian iguanodontianLate Cretaceous - López de Bertodano Formation (Antarctica)
styracosternan iguanodontianEarly Cretaceous - Arcillas de Morella Formation (Spain)
hadrosauroid iguanodontianEarly Cretaceous - Kitadani Formation (Japan)
hadrosauroid iguanodontianEarly Cretaceous - Khok Kruat Formation (Thailand)
hadrosauroid iguanodontianLate Cretaceous - Huiquanpu Formation (China)
saurolophine hadrosauridLate Cretaceous - Judith River Formation (Montana)

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