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Can you name the dinosaur genus whose name matches the given meaning?

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Name MeaningDinosaur Genus
tyrant reptile
three-horned face
titanic giraffe
well-armoured head
wounding tooth
roof horn
terrible claw
high-ridged tooth
giant southern reptile
Leaellyn's reptile
double beam
swift thief
dawn shark
iguana tooth
many spines
frozen crested reptile
good mother reptile
scythe reptile
thick-nosed reptile
Name MeaningDinosaur Genus
ancient wing
titanic swan
dawn thief
bird robber
deceptive reptile
pointed reptile
rough face
flesh bull
five-horned face
chambered reptile
tiny thief
big reptile
heavy claw
broad reptile
narrow horned face
helmet reptile
egg thief
oak reptile
spine reptile
savage reptile

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